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About Kauffmann Guitars

About Kauffmann guitars.

The first Kauffmann wasn’t born because of a businessplan. It was made because I needed a guitar that played and sounded great and was affordable. I like old stuff. I like the way they sound, the way they play, the way they smell and look. For some reason I was never in the market for a brandnew, shiny guitar that looked great on the wall.

Guitars need to be used and abused. I truly believe that a guitar that plays, sounds and feels like an old one makes you play different. Not better but different. A guitar should be an inspiring thing.

Kauffmann guitars are made of American red alder (2 piece) or American ash (1 or 2 piece). Necks are hardrock maple with either a maple or rosewood/pao ferro board. Radii vary from 7,25”, 9,5”, 12” or sometimes even 14” on the Pro models. All hardware are Gotoh, CTS pots and CRL switches. Only genuine nitro cellulose lacquer is used. Aging leving can vary, depending on the mood I’m in. Pickups are usually our homemade Kauffmann. Handwound, waxpotted. Other brands are also possible like Suhr, Amber and Seymour Duncan.

I build all guitars myself using my personal wood stock and CNC routing. Apart from CNC each guitar is handmade. That way the guitars are cost effective and unique.

I don’t do custom builds. I believe you should only buy a guitar that you’ve tried and played. Not one guitar is the same. You know that. I do not make non aged guitars.

Standard models are €1249,- including a high end gigbag. They feature Kauffmann pickups or sometimes Amber or Seymour Duncan. Necks are either 7,25” (vintage frets) or 12” (medium jumbo frets). Gotoh bridge and tuners.

Pro models are €1395,- and upgraded with Suhr pickups with a HSS setup. Amber pickups are also possible for a slightly more vintage sound. Bridge is a Gotoh 510 tremolo (the Pro version is currently not available as T version) and locking tuners. Neck has a 14” radius with trussrod adjustment on the headstock and 21 medium jumbo frets.

Shipping within the EU is free of charge. For shipping rates outside the EU please contact us.

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